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Family owned and operated, the friendly source for great pianos

The Institutional Piano Warehouse of
Bucks County Piano
 (By Appointment Only - Please Call)
(609) 730-3933     (215) 946-3388
1613 Reed Rd. Pennington, NJ 08534
Serving the Philadelphia region including PA, NJ, and DE


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Shopping for a Piano?
Have You Tried Our PSA?

Piano Shopping Suggestions:

To save you time and aggravation,
Bucks County Piano has some shopping tips

#1  You can and should shop the piano dealer as well as the piano
(The best piano value is not only the best price of the instrument)
The best value =
best quality,
best guarantee,
best service,
best information and advice,
best trade-up value,
best delivery reputation,
best shopping experience,
and then the best price.

#2 You should visit Bucks County Piano last !
We advise our customers to shop around, to visit other piano dealers
and to ask a lot of questions.
This usually means that they decide to come back and see us again.

Why not save yourselves a trip!
Shop around first and then come see us.
The more you know, the better we look.  We love comparison!
See for yourselves if we don't measure up to #1 above
(and we will NEVER pressure you to buy RIGHT NOW)

More piano shopping tips:

3)  If you are pressured to buy a new piano right away, think twice

4)  Besides the quality of the musical instrument, don't forget to think about
the piano as a piece of fine furniture (color, size, style, etc.)

5)  If the piano is a surprise, make sure the dealer knows (phone calls, etc.)

6)  Write down what you hear and learn (and model #s and prices)

7)  Think about the room layout with your new piano (we have floor templates available)

8)  Ask why the dealer carries the pianos you see (just a known name?)

9)  Ask about the manufacturer and dealer guarantees

10)  Ask about the service and reputation of the dealer and the technicians

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to get
the best possible instrument at the best possible price

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Check out our New Shopping Page!

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